Grammostola actaeon

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This is a specific care sheet for Brazilian Red Rumps (Grammostola actaeon), for more in this genus see Category:Grammostola.

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Brazilian Red Rump care sheet
Grammostola actaeon
Brazilian Red Rump Tarantula
Brazilian Red Rump Tarantula
Scientific classification

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Subphylum: Arachnomorpha

Class: Arachnida

Subclass: Micrura

Order: Araneae

Suborder: Opisthothelae

Family: Theraphosidae

Subfamily: Theraphosinae

Genus: Grammostola

Species: G. actaeon

This species of tarantula is known as the Brazilian Red Rump Tarantula (Grammostola actaeon), for its brightly red-coloured abodomen. Often disregarded in the hobby because they lose their red rump in maturity, Grammostola actaeon are excessively hairy so should be avioded by people who are especially irritated by urticating hairs.

Grammostola actaeon is remarkably similar to Grammostola gigantea and Grammostola iheringi, the latter of which keeps its red abdomen in maturity. It was first identified in 1903 by British zoologist R.I Pocock.

Tarantula Information (for a more detailed Tarantula care review see Tarantula Care Sheets
Information and Tarantula Care
Regions Found: Southern Brazil
Class: Terrestrial
Adult Size: 12-15cm
Temperament: Docile, sometimes slightly defensive
Urticating Hairs: Yes
Venom Potency: Unknown
Grammostola actaeon Housing Requirements
Tarantula Housing: Floor space is more important than height, a deep substrate should be provided for burrowing. A good retreat is required.
Temperature: Between 22-24°C (71.7-75.2°F)
Humidity: 65-70%
Special Requirements: May require hibernation in winter
Breeding Grammostola actaeon Tarantulas
Breeding Difficulty: Unknown
Egg sac size: Unknown
Danger to Male: Probable sexual cannibalism
Grammostola actaeon Diet
Livefood insects such as crickets, locust, butter worms, meal worms, superworms, houseflies and cockroaches.
Recommended Pet Supplies for Grammostola actaeon

Other Names[edit]

Brazilian Redrump, Brazilian Wooly Black.